Trust Issues - Timekeeping Starts Right Now


Debut full length from a new band from Saarbrooklyn DC! 12″ Vinyl is limited to 200 pieces with lyricsheet!


Hey hey, it’s like that, say the smartest people, the most dangerous and disgusting people are always the ones who seem to feel completely safe in everything. TRUST ISSUES tends to
agree – question better – believe less – trust even less. Wasn’t it already said in hardcore in the 80s: use your own brain!? Trust Issues admit: „…we often have enormous problems trusting, but: in autumn 2019 we were suddenly, very briefly, sure when we founded the band with the appropriate name TRUST ISSUES,
hell again. And we also had faith in Last Exit Music when they knocked on the door pretty soon, trusting us enormously and asking us: „Hey you old bastards, make a record?“. And there was even more trust in the Producer Max Ludwig, when we put it in his hands in spring 2020 to record the 14 songs, the whole thing was later mastered by Chris Bethge (Rama Studios, Mannheim)“.
Trust Issues is the four-piece-puzzle made up of people who have been playing on the punk, hardcore and noise playground since the 80s, namedropping: Crowd of Isolated (XMist Records) certainly the best known, the early band of Guschtel and Gurke, further: Stick Boy, Oaks, Gough, Jack A Napes, Bushfire, Kingsize Canary, Möfahead, Peter, Stromberg, ….
From a musical point of view, TRUST ISSUES means something like a mixture of punk rock, hardcore, post – something, noise rock, to open a few drawers. And of course: many point while listening and categorizing in the direction of Washington D.C., never mind.
Trust Issues is often angry, sarcastic, ironic, (self-) critical, but also thoughtful and reflective. „Who needs a therapist when there’s punk.“

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