Not Available - Burp



For the 25th anniversary: The legendary BURP EP from 1996 is now available on vinyl again!

After being founded as a cover band in 1992, NOT AVAILABLE quickly started writing their own songs and recorded their first songs, which led to the signing on the Hanoverian label Lost & Found in 1996. In the same year they released the EP Burp! and thus laid the foundation for her career, which is still going on today, and a steadily growing fan base. The following 5 years were marked by 3 full-length releases (which were distributed worldwide) and international tours through Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and even Indonesia.

25 years after the first publication there is now BURP! the first time on vinyl in stores. Limited to 200 copies in orange vinyl with black marbling effect, recorded on one side and again professionally mastered to meet vinyl requirements. Of course, the text sheet shouldn’t be missing either …

Limited to 200 copies!
Remastered for vinyl!
Orange/Black marbled!
One Sided 12″!
12″ spined sleeve!

Another Day
Green Car
Led By Signs
Little Lunatic
By My Side