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Old Fuxx – Coyote Arm / Lookin’ Up Goin’ Down



Old Fuxx – Coyote Arm / Lookin’ Up Goin’ Down

2 great songs on a onesided lathe cut 7″!
Strictly limited to 50!

From the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada where beer flows like water and grumpy middle-aged punks run wild with buffalo, come the newest geriatric punk rock sensations OLD FUXX. Bil Mcrackin from pop-punk veterans the Mcrackins rounded up some of his favorite neighborhood pals, the Coach, the Drifter, and the Accountant, taught them how to play instruments, and in one drunken night wrote and recorded two dumb ass ditties guaranteed to make you wanna pick up the bottle too! Who said beer doesn’t make you smarter? It made Bud Wiser! OLD FUXX for life!

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