Trashcan Darlings - Me Punk, You Fuck!


Some of the award winning hits from the world`s greatest band ever!


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Trashcan Darlings; The Greatest Band In The World PERIOD!

A Greatest Hits compilation with their best songs (out of the best songs), for the first time remastered! They never sounded better!


That was our only aim. Did we succeed? Who cares… There was never a band like us. Ever. NEVER Ever!!! Trashcan Darlings refused to be part of any scene. We detested the contemporary scene. The first years of our existence we hardly played any shows. We would hang out with football skins and members of the hardcore-scene, rather than Oslo’s weekend-rockers, with their silly rules, self-inflicted stigma and constant yearn for yesterday. From Barbed Wire Boogie to Electro Shock Rock. We blew up pyrotechnics worth a fortune in the smallest pub in Oslo, cut ourselves with razors on stage, gave away free soap to the squatters of Germany, went on stage in our underwear… All the stories we could tell… Officially the Rock’n’Roll Horrorshow lasted 13 years. Three albums, a bunch of 7”s and EPs. We never sold in big numbers, but we toured Europe time after time after time and it was always all or nothing. Always 100%! Imagine, 100 % nothing!!! There was never a band like Trashcan Darlings. And then, when it was time to go, we went…On the 12th of December 2008 the Sinister Ride was over. Farewell, Goodbye, So long… So Whore. Game Over… …But they just couldn’t forget us now, could they? Years went by. The offers for reunion shows never stopped, people kept talking about the band, someone made a tribute album. To this day, the name Trashcan Darlings keeps popping up when festivals ask their audience for band requests, and now… What you hold in your hands; a brand new compilation of some of Trashcan Darlings’ Award Winning Hits! Brought on, and compiled, by Last Exit Music who released it. Every song has been remastered, with state-of-the-art technology, from the original studio tapes. Some of these songs have never sounded this good… and they sounded pretty fucking good to begin with! A chance for old fans to, once again, enjoy the godlike genius of the Greatest Band In The World. Also, a chance for new fans to bow their heads in awe and get introduced to the world of fucking, putting on lipstick to dance, or simply show up & throw up. Once described as the band for all times There was never a band like Trashcan Darlings… Love us and die! Hate us and die!

Strange? Gentle & Chris Damien Doll – Oslo, Norway, May 2021

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