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Born and raised in viareggio/ touscany, the young italian lad, marco breve, discoverd early forms of jungle and drum & bass through uk based pirate radio stations such as „sunrise“, „fantasy“ and „centerforce“ – a.k.a. „the seven day rave stations“ in the late eighties.
From this time on he couldn‘t hold back and his deep, deep dive right into the world of electronical music began. When listening and dancing weren’t enough he bought turntables, all kinds of loop stations and a cheap drum computer from a friend. He started producing his own version of the music he fell in love with.
By the age of twenty he headed into german techno wastelands. While workin dayshifts at uncle’s „eisdiele“, the nightshifts became his personal hideout – playing liveclubs, north and south of the alps. Soon he got the attention he’s been thriving for so long – and became the local insider for the european techno posse.
While techno became more and more of a mainstream-phenomenon during the nineties he turned his back on the scene, the lifestyle and at least the music.
When more experimental stuff, such as multi-layered patchwork-arrangments, „soundcollages“ and improvisation, got into his focus, he started the project SUPERCASA in 2003.
The 11 tracks he produced from 2003-2005 fell into oblivion, until he found an old mini-disk player in a moving box in 2019.
There it is again, that old feeling, the long lost eleven SUPERCASA tracks, rough, true, unfishied but –THERE.