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Not Available – Grandpunks (Blue Vinyl)



The Hamburg-based label LAST EXIT MUSIC continues the reissue series of the “German skatepunk pioneers”, this time with the fourth NOT AVAILABLE album GRANDPUNKS from 2017.

Founded in 1992, NOT AVAILABLE are still active in 2022 and are often mentioned in the same breath as VENEREA, SATANIC SURFERS or NO FUN AT ALL when it comes to the most popular bands of the genre in Europe. The guys from Baden-Württemberg have given themselves six years since the predecessor work “V8”. Six years in which you can finally process what you have experienced on the numerous tours at home and abroad; six years to practice adult things. And six years to work on 5 ACES, which turns out to be a real stroke of luck after the first hearing. The songs have become more mature without despising the classic trademark sound. Seven years after that the band released record #5, NO EXCUSES! Three years later, GRANDPUNKS, the band’s sixth album, was released. The limited LP edition was sold out in no time at the time, which is why LAST EXIT MUSIC has now re-pressed this gem again on blue vinyl. Limited to 200 pieces!