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Passage 4 – Something To Start With / Counterfeit

PASSAGE 4 is a skate punk band from Arboga, Sweden. They started back in 1991 before split up again in 1997 and got reunited in 2019 to write new songs and start playing shows again!

„Something To Start With“ was (after a demotape) the first release back then before the full length „World Circus“ was released in 1996. It is nowadays credited for being one of the first albums of that genre that incorporate elements of other styles like Emo and Indie Rock into it. Later the same year after releasing their farewell EP „Counterfeit“ the band split up to reunite 23 years later.

In february 2022 the german label LAST EXIT MUSIC put together a compilation on 12“ vinyl which includes both EPs and a new track called „November Sky“. It is limited to 300 copies in total, 100 in gold; 200 in white Vinyl.